Arizona Motorcycle Towing LLC

What people are saying about us.....
"Unfortunately, I have had to use the service twice now....but I gotta tell ya...I won't call anyone else but Michelle when it comes to towing my husband's chopper...she ROCKS!!!"

- Judi F,  February 2011

"Hey Michelle, found your page!  Wanted to thank you again for your help   Jan 13. You saved my bacon for sure.
For anyone looking for a tow in the Phoenix area:
1. Great Service - Great rig just for bikes, no flat  bed required...
2. Fair Price

3. Great Conversation to the repair shop!!"

- Brad M, January 2011

"Arizona Motorcycle Towing is the only logical option!

- Drew Woodford,
Buddy Stubbs AZ H-D Service Advisor  Sept 2012

"Michelle you ROCK! You truly are the BEST! There is nobody Eric and I would rather have a terrible over tired day with then YOU! You really made or day turn around. You have such a great heart and we just love you. It was great getting to know you better.
Hope to see you on better terms next time :-)"

- Sandy L, November 2012